About Us

Everyone knows a "computer guy". Maybe it's your little nephew, your husband, or your daughter - either way you have come to depend on someone to solve your PC problems, because you can't. PC Health Kit was designed by two of these "computer guys" that got tired of helping all their friends and family. The two man team agreed on the most common issues and put together a package of tools and a brilliant interface, PC Health Kit.

We think PC Health Kit can solve your problems too.

The nice thing about how PC Health Kit was designed, is the ability to download and scan your computer without paying a cent. So don't worry that you'll buy our software and then realize that you didn't need. Our software gives you a full report on the underlying issues effecting your PC's speed and security. Why did we do this? Well it's a great first defence against our friends and family! We didn't want them to pay us for our time, ever, if we couldn't do anything for them (we usually accept payment from them in the form of baked goods). So what we originally designed for our friends & family, we've now extended to the general public - except we can't accept baking... we would have to start a bakery to get rid of all the tasty treats!

We are "computer guys", so we offer amazing support!

We're pretty sure that PC Health Kit will speed up your computer and help solve many of the most common PC errors, but as bieber says, never say never. Sometimes there are just errors that we can't predict, and that's why we offer free support for our paying customers.

So don't worry, we didn't design this advanced software to replace ourselves, we just needed a first line of defence! When it comes down to it, we can fix pretty much anything by hand. If we can't figure it out over the phone (unlikely!) you can always upgrade to our premium support to enable remote assistance. We will actually access your computer, see what is on your screen and have control over your computer. With premium support we can fix it on our own!