Preview of PC Health Kit

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  • Start
    Home Screen

    PC Health Kit's intuitive start screen makes it easy to navigate. Also, you can customize this screen to provide quick access to your most used tools.

  • Scanning
    Full Scan Screen

    This dialog provides clear information on all four main scans: registry items, drivers, processes, and private files.

  • Results
    Overall Results Screen

    Total overview of your PC's diagnosis on this screen. From here, you can drill into each area to see it's specific results.

  • Registry
    Registry Results Screen

    PC Health Kit provides detailed breakdowns of each area where your computer has errors, wasted space, or needs to be updated. The listed issues are not problems, they're opportunities for speed increases!

  • Cleaning
    Cleaning Screen

    When PC Health Kit finds oppotunities for improvement, the software presents a simple and quick button to get fast results - "FIX ALL".


This is just a sneak peak!

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